Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010

Krisdayanti dimataku

Sosok krisdayanti, diva pop Indonesia itu kini sedang terpuruk dengan gossip kehidupan rumah tangganya yang hancur berantakan disinyalir karena kisah cintanya dengan seorang pengusaha timor leste.

Dimataku krisdayanti adalah sosok yang tegar, perempuan yang berani memperjuangkan kebahagiaannya. Bukan aku menghalalkan kelakuannya yang berciuman didepan umum. Aku sendiri sempat shok pas tau dia berani melakukannya. Didepan umum pula, pas konfrensi pers pula. Cintanya yang begitu besar pada si pengusaha benar-benar membutakan matanya. Buta mata buta pikiran.

Namun keinginannya memperjuangan cinta patut kuacungi jempol. Dia rela melepaskan dua buah hatinya juga lelaki yang belasan tahun setia mendampinginya. Tentu cintanya sangat besar pada si pengusaha. Pasti berat banget harus berjuang melawan nuraninya sendiri demi rasa yang bernama cinta.

Aku tak pernah menyalahkan dirinya atas apa yang telah dilakukannya. Bagiku, cinta adalah sesuatu yang tidak bisa dipaksakan. Cinta bisa datang dan pergi kapan saja. Seperti jaelangkung, cinta itu adalah rasa yang datang tak dijemput dan hilang tak diantar.

Namun cinta itu sendiri bisa dipelihara, bisa dipupuk dan dirawat dengan penuh kasi sayang. Tergantung bagaimana kita memaknai sebuah rasa yang bernama cinta.

Aku sih say Yes to Krisdayanti, tapi tidak dengan kelakukannya berciuman didepan umum. Krisdayanti juga manusia biasa. Khilaf dan salah itu manusiawi banget. Asal dia mau berusaha berubah keaarah yang lebih baik. Hari ini, besok dan semoga selamanya.

aku yakin banyak perempuan-perempuan yang nggak setuju ma opiniku diatas, tapi yah.. itu cuma pendapatku saja.

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Looking for a new job

I’m jobless now and trying to look a new job. I have sent some CVs to some of organizations. Until now, I didn’t get any response yet. Then I tried to explore my capability. I got some tips from the article how to hire new staffs.

Check it out:

1.Have long-term potential

Why is this point so important? Employees are expected to see what his future in the company. So he was happy and motivated to reach levels of achievement in his career, how the future of the company and what its role within the company.
While from the perspective of employers, of course companies want someone who is actively involved building the company as an organization.

Tips: Give concrete examples that illustrate or ask a question you have that kind of thinking. For example, legitimate to ask how to increase career prospects for employees who have demonstrated achievement in the middle position targeted. A good company certainly willing to show real examples of this.

2. Good cooperation with other people
there’s nothing worse than being together, even as a partner, with someone who can not cooperate with others. Therefore, respect for others, willing to help anybody, understanding, trustworthy, and competent is a series of "unwritten law" about the figure of workers who could be accepted in any work environment.

Tips: Tell a story about someone who has experience working in the middle of fun despite a very challenging situation because a fellow co-workers help each leader did not hesitate even to go home tonight to help his team to meet deadlines established by the company.

3. Profitable
Any company would want someone who is able to prove himself that he could increase revenue or reduce production cost. During a recession, a gain was not easy points more for the company.

Tips: The capability to measure the job, the boss will love you. For example, if asked to become a filing clerk, estimate how many minutes of time could be saved every day than the previous worker because other people more easily access the information they need to work your system.

4. Create an attractive resume
Resumes can be described as an alias billboard ad for the respective boards, the reflection of the job applicants who can direct views of others. Remember, first impressions will leave an impression that can last forever.

Tips: turn to other people's opinions about the resume that you created based on content, style and accuracy. Accept constructive criticism from people you turn to for an opinion.

5. Having relevant work experience
Experience will allow a person can direct his own work, to live to adjust the rhythm with the new scope of work. Unit leaders can do other things more important than to teach new workers.

Tips: Be prepared to show the reference quality of the experience and background of your work.

6.Multi tasker

The business world is moving very fast. The essence lies in the ability to manage a variety of jobs simultaneously. Individuals who demonstrate a passion for learning new things and enjoy the variety of work including an ambitious person and always wanted to know. It is they who are more likely to achieve success and climbed the steps forward.

Tips: Show your boss that you're interested in learning new things and willing to do extra work means you have to go home even longer than it should.

7. Initiative and enthusiasm

Any business will definitely put the most enthusiastic employees when faced with an important client. By showing initiative as well, you convey the true team spirit and reflect that it is someone who exceed the standards required the company to reach success together.

Tips: say hi to your partner and smile. This shows you are confident and be in the same comfort level with the seniors. This courage will make you consider getting a more challenging job.